Texas architectural engineering students gathered around a table while professor gestures to book

Students in the architectural engineering program gain professional-level practice in and a significant understanding of the important connection between engineering and architectural design to construct the most resilient structures. By their fourth year in architectural engineering, students focus on one of four technical topics: structural systems, HVAC systems, energy analysis or construction/project management. Graduates may go on to work in public or private industry, such as construction, and typically become licensed professional engineers.

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What is architectural engineering?

Architectural engineers bring buildings to life. Working closely with architects and construction teams, architectural engineers help create everything from everyday office buildings to unique monuments to the tallest skyscrapers. They design, construct and maintain the world’s buildings, continuously striving to make existing and new buildings more sustainable. As engineers and design innovators, architectural engineers specialize in the technical aspects of architecture, constructing buildings that are structurally resilient, energy efficient and healthy and productive environments for occupants.