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Engineering Fire-Resistant Batteries
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Infant Innovation: Iman Salafian's Collaborative Approach to Medical Devices for Newborns

Iman Salafian is driven to improve care for newborn babies, leading two collaborative startups that emerged from a medical devices course. 

New Carbon Storage Technology Is Fastest of Its Kind

A new way to store carbon captured from the atmosphere developed by researchers from The University of Texas at Austin works much faster than current methods without the harmful chemical accelerants they require.

Texas Engineers Join Space Force Operation, Bringing Robots to Space

Texas Engineers are participating in a groundbreaking U.S. Space Force operation that will propel innovative technologies for in-space operations.

How Lasers and 2D Materials Could Solve the World's Plastic Problem

A global research team led by Texas Engineers has developed a way to blast the molecules in plastics and other materials with a laser to break them down into their smallest parts for future reuse.

Alper Elected to IAMBE

Hal Alper has been elected to the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, a select group of innovators recognized for their outstanding contributions to the medical and biological engineering professions.

CityLearn Challenge Gets a Boost from Climate Change AI Program

A global artificial intelligence challenge led by Texas Engineers Zoltan Nagy and Javad Mohammadi has been recognized by the Climate Change AI Innovation (CCAI) Grants program.


Arvind Ravikumar, TX engineering professor

Why Biden’s methane fee is good for U.S. oil and gas

Arvind Ravikumar
Research Associate Professor
Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering