In partnership with UT colleges and schools, the Cockrell School of Engineering offers several dual-degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students.


Architectural Engineering/Architecture

The Architectural Engineering/Architecture program leads to a B.S. degree in architectural engineering and a Bachelor's of Architecture degree and combines the course requirements of both degrees. Students must be admitted to both the Cockrell School and the School of Architecture. This program takes six years to complete.


Biomedical Engineering/Dell Medical School

The Biomedical Engineering/Medical School program through the Dell Medical School and the Cockrell School allows Dell Medical School students to complete coursework in biomedical engineering that leads to an M.S. degree in engineering. Coursework is completed during the third year in Dell Medical School curriculum and allows students to conduct biomedical research, imparting them with the quantitative analytical skills of an engineer.

Engineering/Public Affairs

The LBJ School of Public Affairs and the Cockrell School offer the Engineering/Public Affairs program, which is designed to prepare qualified engineering and public affairs students for careers at any level of government and in public policy related areas of the engineering profession. This program leads to a Master of Public Affairs degree and an M.S. degree in any of the engineering disciplines in the Cockrell School.