The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education is designed for graduate students interested in pursuing engineering faculty positions upon graduation. This certificate program will prepare students for the instructional aspects of a faculty career and increase their competitiveness for faculty jobs. Courses are active, discussion-based and focused on applying research on learning to the engineering pedagogy.

Graduate students seeking this certificate will gain experience in teaching undergraduate engineering courses, learn more about research on teaching and learning, develop their own ideas and philosophy on teaching and create materials that will help in their faculty job search.

Certificate Requirements

  • 3 credits: Teaching Engineering (ME/CE 398T)1 or Knowing and Learning in STEM Education (STM 385)2
  • 3 credits: Curriculum Design and Assessment in Engineering (ME 398S)3
  • 3 credits: Elective in education or engineering education
  • 6 credits: Teaching Practicum (ME 698P)
  • 1 credit: Teaching Portfolio Prep (ME 198P)
16 credits total

Certificate credits may also be counted toward your degree, with permission from your graduate advisor.

1Offered every spring
2Offered every fall
3Offered every fall


Students must complete the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education Reporting Form and turn it into the Graduate School in MAI 101 in the semester in which they are completing the requirements and graduating.

Center for Engineering Education

The Center for Engineering Education in the Cockrell School of Engineering conducts research on learning and retention and puts the results into practice for UT Austin students. The center focuses on developing high school engineering curricula, improving undergraduate education, preparing graduate students for faculty positions and training faculty to be change leaders. Learn more