Photos provide the quickest and strongest emotional connection to the university. Our campus has a personality. Showcasing our scenic campus reinforces our brand and reminds people of the institution’s grandeur and the interesting people who populate it. 

People + Portraits

Portrait Examples

  • Faculty and students should reflect diverse community
  • Photo subjects should be active, use natural light and feel effortless
  • Try to feature subject in an environment that speaks to their story
Students + Spirit

Spirit Examples

  • Collaboration and the Longhorn experience should be featured
  • Use iconic UT elements such as longhorn, tower, hook ‘em
  • Highlight the hands-on, innovative education elements of the Texas Engineer
Spaces + Places

Facilities Examples

  • Buildings should appear to have activity and energy, use people, lighting and angles to achieve
  • Whenever possible spaces should showcase learning, collaboration and research

Research Examples

  • Research should have energy; try adjusting movement, angles and lighting
  • Labs are a place of collaboration, try to have subjects in foreground and background to avoid a solo vibe
  • Make sure subjects wear appropriate safety gear, use all safety equipment and perform routine tasks
  • Use same subject and lighting recommendations from photo
  • Choose music carefully to match the tone of the piece
  • Transitions and tempo should be assets to tell the story
  • Make time to catch B-roll while on location
  • The Faculty Technology Studio has staff who can help produce video in support of your research

Quick Tip: Invest in Photography

Photography, while sometimes expensive, can dramatically increase your communication’s effectiveness. It is also a key component of the Cockrell School’s brand and overall look and feel.

  • For a list of recommended photographers, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Hire the best photographer you can afford with appropriate style
  • Follow the look and feel of Texas’ existing photography
  • Seek active and unexpected shots
  • Control the photographic color palette to achieve a bright, airy and modern feel

Talent Release Form

Be sure to have subjects complete and sign a Talent Release form. This form should be retained on file by the department that will use images. It can be found at



Graphic Assets

Graphic elements quickly deliniate your brand. By consistently using the same visual library across all your materials, you create a persona that is identifiable and builds credibilty and professionalism in the mind of your audience. Including small details like these can really set your materials apart from the constant noise arriving daily in inboxes.

Monoline icons developed specifically for our use.

Examples of Icons | view Box folder

Examples of Vector Textures

Using textures from the Engineering buildings and campus creates authenticity.

Examples of Vector Textures | view Box folder

Examples of Vector Textures

Examples of Photo Textures | view Box folder

Examples of Photo Textures




A few simple guidelines whenever curating stock illustration or hiring freelancer for UT-related illustrations. 

Illustration Examples

  • Use photos to help with arms/legs
  • Avoid details in face, hands, feet
  • Only minimal shapes for recognizable context
  • Keep it neutral
Resource for Faculty Research/Articles

For journal articles, we recommend working with our Faculty Technology Studio, which has an illustrator on staff. 


Have a question or need our assistance?

Contact Cockrell School Communications and Marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..