The journey through the past, present and future of energy continues as “Power Trip: The Story of Energy” returns for a second season airing on PBS nationwide.

The six-part TV series based on Michael Webber’s 2019 book of the same name, will air on PBS on September 1st. Season two of the series uncovers the hidden energy embedded in our modern way of life, revealed as the underlying force that carries us to SPACE, causes large scale energy DISASTERS, transforms WORK, CULTURE, and ENTERTAINMENT, and drives GLOBALIZATION.

Michael Webber smiling in front of a forest wearing a UT Austin polo

For years, Webber, a professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, has been producing widely accessible educational content focused on his area of expertise — energy. He has developed TV shows and online courses that anyone can view with the sole purpose of teaching people about energy.

“It was exciting to see season one reach more than 10 million viewers in dozens of countries, so it was clear that there is a global thirst for more information on energy. And since energy cuts across every part of society, we found more stories to tell,” said Webber.

Webber has been an influential voice in the energy industry for over 25 years. Fueled by his passion for increasing society’s “energy fluency,” he develops content that makes energy discussions accessible for all. In 2013, he launched “Energy 101: Energy Technology and Policy,” a massive open online course that teaches about issues we face in energy. He also created and hosted “Energy at the Movies,” an hour-long syndicated educational special on PBS that illustrates the history of energy using Hollywood movies as a road map.

“Power Trip” season two will take viewers on location to Iceland, Italy, Wales, England and around the world to trace the rise of modern forms of energy and transformation of everything it touches. Among 50 global experts, the series will feature commentary from professors and lecturers in The Cockrell School of Engineering, Ofodike Ezekoye, Yael Glazer, and Moribah Jah.

Season two has already been confirmed for thousands of air dates on 264 local PBS stations and other channels in 128 markets across 42 states.  There will be close to 300 air dates in the nation’s largest cities alone with coverage across 80% of the United States. 

This season of “Power Trip” was made possible by generous donations from The University of Texas at Austin, The Rockefeller Foundation, Itron, and Wells Fargo with additional funding from The Texas State Energy Conservation Office, The Tiller Family Foundation, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Pritzker Innovation Fund.

This series was directed by Mat Hames and produced by Alpheus Media with executive producers Juan Garcia and Beth Hames. It will air on PBS stations in most major cities. Check your local listings for air times. Seasons one and two will also be available to stream on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.