Cockrell Strategic Plan

We have a unique opportunity to become the highest-impact public engineering school.

An opportunity to be the destination for the world’s best and brightest to join together and tackle important problems facing our society. 

And an opportunity to educate and develop a new type of engineer – the courageous engineer. They are: 

  • Big thinkers that identify impactful problems
  • Unafraid to take risks in pursuit of creating change 
  • Dedicated to strengthening our communities and improving lives of future generations 

All the pieces are in place: a convergence of student, faculty and staff talent in the Cockrell School, supportive university leadership, industry flocking to Austin and UT, investors ready to commercialize our breakthroughs, passionate and competitive donors, and a state legislature willing to fund innovative work.

It is up to us to seize these opportunities now and reach our potential. 

This five-year plan lays out the strategies we will pursue to meet this critical moment. We will consider this plan a success if we are able to shape those who will shape tomorrow by providing a world-class, hands-on education; a deep commitment to innovation; and a welcoming community of collaboration.