The EOE Tutoring Program provides academic support to undergraduate students in the Cockrell School of Engineering through free, one-on-one tutoring sessions for basic sequence and upper-division engineering courses. Engineering students are eligible for two hours of free tutoring per week. EOE tutors are upper-division and graduate students who received a grade of B or better in the tutored course.

Before requesting help from the EOE Tutoring Program, students must seek assistance from Cockrell School and campus-wide resources:

  • Free drop-in tutoring and study group at the Engineering Study Tables in EER on the first floor of EER (information on ENGR Direct Students).
  • Departmental Tutoring offered in select classes required in the degree plans (Information on ENGR Direct Students).
  • Honor society students are eager to help and their services are free.
  • The Sanger Learning Center offers free one-on-one appointment tutoring and drop-in tutoring for lower division classes in math, physics, and chemistry.

EOE Tutoring Application

To apply for the tutoring program:

  • Apply online to submit a tutoring request.
  • Based on availability, a tutor coordinator will attempt to assign you to a tutor within three business days of receiving your request. Notifications begin the first week of classes and are ongoing throughout the semester.
  • Tutoring sessions begin the third week of the fall and spring semesters.

Participant Responsibilities

Students receiving tutoring and those providing it both have specific responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Tutees

  • Meet with tutors on a weekly basis in order to increase understanding of course.
  • Review homework and identify concerns/questions to maximize tutoring session.
  • Failure to cancel at least 24 hours in advance or missing three sessions will result in loss of tutoring privileges.
  • Ensure the tutoring program has correct contact information.

Responsibility of Tutors

  • Help students understand technical information as well as develop techniques for applying critical thinking process to new situations.
  • Provide an encouraging environment that fosters increased motivation and commitment to achieve.
  • Expose students to ideas previously not considered and learn new study strategies.

EOE Tutoring FAQs

After I apply, what next?
Tutor assignments are attempted to be made within three business days after submission of the online application. You will receive an email notification with the telephone number and email for your assigned tutor. Contact your tutor immediately.

When will I receive information regarding the tutoring session?
Tutoring sessions start the third week of classes, if a tutor is available for the requested course. If a tutor is not available for the requested course, students are notified and are referred to the Cockrell School and other campus resources.

What is the time and location for the tutoring session?
The tutor and student’s availability determine the time for the session. Tutoring sessions are conducted in the EER, the library or other agreed-upon study environment.

What is the process for changing or adding course to my request for tutoring?
Students can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for changes, questions and explanations regarding their tutor assignments.

Can I apply to work for the EOE Tutoring Program?
Applications to work for the EOE Tutoring Program open in April for the following academic year. However, EOE is always accepting applications and resumes for potential tutors throughout the semester to meet student needs.