Center for Equity in Engineering staff

The team at the Center for Equity in Engineering is committed to supporting the Texas Engineering faculty, staff and students in doing the work of the Broadening Participation in Engineering plan as part of their regular jobs and engagement in our community.

 The Team

Roger Bonnecaze
Principal Investigator

Gabriella Coloyan Fleming
Research Associate in BPE
Center Director and Staff Lead
Co-Principal Investigator

Christine Julien
Associate Dean of Broadening Participation in Engineering
Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Deputy Center Director
Co-Principal Investigator

Audrey Boklage
Research Associate in BPE
Faculty Co-lead
Co-Principal Investigator

Courtney McElroy
Executive Director of Belonging and Engagement

Raissa Douglas Ferron
Associate Professor in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Student Lead

Tyrone Porter
Department Chair of Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Student Co-lead

Maša Prodanovic
Professor in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Graduate Student Co-lead

Lydia Contreras
Vice Provost for Faculty BPE
Professor in Chemical Engineering
Faculty Co-lead

Kiersten Fernandez
K-12 Outreach Coordinator

Tony Silva
Administrative Associate

Christian Bell Onyemali
External Evaluator

External Advisory Board

The center is founded on the recognition that much can be learned from how long-established Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) support students, so we have created an advisory board with members from these institutions to collaborate on these efforts.

Ben Flores, The University of Texas At El Paso
Darren Kelly, The University of Texas at Austin
Pamela Obiomon, Prairie View A&M University
Mark Appleford, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Sarah Rodriguez Jones, Virginia Tech University