Learn more about the MITE program by reviewing these frequently asked questions:

Who is MITE for?

MITE is a five-day camp for current high school juniors to discover engineering through participation in an engineering team project, hands-on activities and interactions with engineering students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Is MITE only for juniors?

Yes, MITE is only for rising seniors (current juniors).

What is the cost of this camp experience?

Participant Cost: $100

Payment will only be submitted once a participant is accepted into the program, and the cost of admission also includes the price of meals. This program includes a high-quality, immersive educational experience in a world-renowned engineering school during a week-long stay in a college dorm. This program's low cost is possible thanks to additional philanthropic support. 

Does this program include lodging?

Yes, MITE includes lodging for students in an on-campus dorm.

Am I eligible as an out-of-state student to attend MITE?

Yes, both in-state and out-of-state students may attend MITE.

When do camp applications usually open? When do they close?

Applications open at the end of January and close at the end of March.

What criteria are used in reviewing applications?

We are most interested in your academic preparation-- essays, grades, rank, extra-curricular involvement and your interest in attending.  Approximately 500 applications are received each year, and we accept 100 students in total. Many students who apply to MITE are outstanding students and leaders in their communities. In addition to academics, we also consider socioeconomic status to provide opportunities to those overcoming any social or economic hardship.

What does it mean if I’m waitlisted?

If an accepted participant decides not to attend, we will promptly reach out to waitlisted applicants to offer any newly opened spots for the camp.

Will participating in MITE boost my chances of being accepted into the Cockrell School?

Students are encouraged to list participation in MITE on their admissions application or write about their experiences in their college essay if they choose to do so. However, MITE students receive no extra advantage in the admissions process and no extra points based on participation. View a list of the academic and personal achievement factors that Texas Admissions considers when reviewing applications.

Are there transportation scholarships to MITE?

Meals and housing are paid for through donations from our sponsors. Students are responsible for coordinating their own transportation to and from The University of Texas at Austin, whether by air, bus, car, etc. Check-in and Check-out times will be the same for participants regardless of travel arrangements, so we encourage attendees to make travel arrangements accordingly.

Will I be able to choose my roommate?

In order to provide you with the collegiate experience, we match you with a student from a different school. Successful students at The University of Texas at Austin have the demonstrated ability to adapt to different environments and a desire to broaden their perspectives. At MITE, we hope to foster this growth. 

May I attend other non-MITE activities during the program?

While it is great that MITE students are involved in many different activities, unfortunately, students will not be allowed to leave campus to fulfill other obligations (night classes, swim practice, etc.). During MITE, students will participate in group projects, activities and seminars from morning to night. One hundred percent participation is required from students so that they may benefit from the entire program. 

May I arrive late or leave early?

Student check-in is tentatively scheduled for the Sunday of your session from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. Check out is tentatively scheduled for the Thursday of your session from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM. We are not able to accommodate a late or early check-in or check-out time. Please adjust your schedule ahead of time.

May I have visitors during MITE?

MITE will have structured opportunities for friends and family to visit. More information will be provided during orientation on the first day of MITE. In order to create a comfortable and safe environment for all students, visitors will not be permitted in the dorm, with the exception of parents picking up or dropping off their student(s). MITE counselors will stay in the dorms with the students. 

May I leave campus?

Students are not allowed to leave campus without the supervision of a MITE counselor or the MITE coordinator. Students are not allowed to leave campus with visitors during the program.

May I bring my car?

Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their student(s). However, if this cannot be arranged, students may bring their own cars. Parking will be available in one of the garages for approximately $15 - $18 per day. Students cannot drive their cars or leave campus at any time during the program. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Is there a dress code?

We expect students to use their judgment in dressing like young adults. Students should dress casually for hot weather (shorts and T-shirts are fine) and bring comfortable walking shoes. There will be a lot of walking every day. Students will be required to change their clothing if it is offensive or inappropriate. Students will want to bring business casual attire for presenting their final projects.

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