Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research offers the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom. Research is hands-on and is a great way to work on your communication, technical and interpersonal skills. By participating in research, students are members of teams and meet others within their areas of interest. Students involved in research often build close relationships with faculty advisors, enhance their resumes and use the experience to become competitive applicants for graduate school.

EOE offers undergraduates several opportunities to get involved with research.

Texas Research Experience

The Texas Research Experience program (TREX) offers many opportunities for upper-division students to learn about research. TREX further enhances the academic experience with undergraduate research, teaches students about careers in research in an academic setting, discusses the benefits of obtaining a graduate engineering degree and helps students become competitive graduate school applicants.

Summer Research Academy

The Summer Research Academy is a 10-week research program for engineering students to partner with faculty members on a research project, after which they will complete an abstract, poster, final summary and PowerPoint presentation.

Graduate School Mini Series

EOE created a series of workshops to introduce undergraduate engineering students to the opportunities presented by obtaining a graduate degree. The one-hour workshops, held each fall semester, vary in topic to help students who are considering graduate school and those in the process of applying to graduate school.