Atlanta native and serial entrepreneur Ben Dyer is a new Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. A veteran in technology entrepreneurship, Dyer is best known for founding accounting software company Peachtree Software. He is also the creator and author of TechDrawl, a blog that promotes technology entrepreneurship and innovation across the South.

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As Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Dyer is a mentor and resource for students and faculty members who are exploring and creating early-stage technology ventures throughout UT Austin. Working alongside Professor of Innovation Bob Metcalfe, Dyer is an instructor in the Longhorn Startup Program, a multi-track program mainly for undergraduate engineering, business and computer science students that fosters startup innovation.

“The Cockrell School is proud to have Ben as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence,” said Gregory L. Fenves, dean of the Cockrell School. “Ben brings a strong background in technology entrepreneurship and expertise in starting companies around breakthrough technology solutions. His experience and business acumen have been invaluable in the advice and assistance he’s provided to UT students in the Longhorn Startup Lab.”

Two Longhorn Startup students who have developed startups under Dyer’s guidance said they continue to benefit from his experience, know-how and mentorship.

“I found out the hard way that Ben has incredible business acumen,” said senior Dave Stanwick, founder of Future Business Networks, Inc. “There was a time, when reaching out to customers, that my co-founder and I had this ‘aha! moment,’ and then minutes later realized Ben had offered the exact ‘aha! moment’ advice a month prior. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to spend so much time learning from him.”

“Ben’s advice is always insightful and instructive, but I felt the most important discussions were those in which Ben would recount events he had to overcome while growing as an entrepreneur,” said senior and OverLotus founder Jasper Sone. “I really believe it is the individual attention of leaders and influencers such as Ben who, in the end, ultimately impact students as they make their way through both school and life.”

As an alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s industrial & systems engineering program (and a member of the program’s Hall of Fame), he has focused his community activities on higher education, serving in many roles on boards at Georgia Tech that span nearly three decades. He continues to be involved in tech ventures in Austin and Atlanta and assists both the Austin Technology Incubator and the SXSW Accelerator.

Dyer’s first introduction to UT Austin came as both of his children graduated from the university (Jesse Dyer, BA, Government ‘03; Audrey Dyer, BA, Economics ‘10). He said his positive impressions have been confirmed since moving to Austin in 2011 and beginning his appointment in the Longhorn Startup Program.

“Of course the students are bright and academically gifted, but they also show a high degree of motivation, creativity and career ambition. We’ll eventually have some great companies created by these young people,” Dyer said. “It’s gratifying to see how much progress they make during a semester, and how we keep getting better team ideas in each successive semester.”