As the premier engineering school in Texas, a top-ranked public institution and one of the world’s great centers for research and invention, the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is relentless in its pursuit to change the world.

Referred to commonly as Texas Engineering, UT Engineering or simply just Cockrell, the school is known for its role in shaping industries, producing leaders and developing technologies that address our most pressing global priorities, from energy to health care. A storied past, an independent spirit, a fearless mindset, a vast expertise — these are just a few of the qualities that have defined the Cockrell School of Engineering brand for over a century.



Brand Messaging


Innovation Starts Here

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Overarching Message

The Cockrell School of Engineering is a premier engineering school at one of the world’s great public research universities. We develop engineering leaders who think big and are unafraid to take risks and create change. We are relentless in our pursuit to advance our economy, strengthen our communities and improve life for future generations. Through world-class, hands-on education and a deep commitment to innovation through research and commercialization, we are shaping those who will shape tomorrow while solving society’s most challenging problems.

Supporting Message Themes

Imagining, designing, prototyping, collaborating — these are the things Texas Engineering students do better than anyone. In the Cockrell School, learning is creating, and it’s a hands-on experience. Our rigorous and progressive approach to education is pervasive throughout the school and our seven academic departments, which is why we are recognized among the nation’s top programs every year.


In the Cockrell School, we focus on research for the real world — and we solve problems that save and improve lives. From energy innovation, to next-gen wearables, to life-changing therapeutics and more, Texas Engineering research is tackling the biggest challenges of our time — and making an immeasurable impact on society.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking are at the core of the Cockrell experience. From inventing the lithium-ion battery to launching bold new startups, Texas Engineering turns academic excellence into real-world impact.


Our community is skilled, strong and proud. From developing future leaders to cultivating a more diverse, inclusive and accessible engineering profession, the Cockrell School is relentless in its pursuit to empower people and improve their lives.


The Cockrell School stands apart from other engineering schools. We offer the unique combination of an elite public institution located in the heart of the fastest growing tech economy in the country. Our Austin, Texas roots run deep, but our reach is expansive.


Our goal is simple: to build the nation’s best engineering campus by 2025. With the opening of five new buildings and the completed renovation of numerous labs, classrooms and collaboration spaces since 2008, the Cockrell School campus will be unmatched. And our community will have the kinds of facilities and resources they need to reach new heights.




When crafting language that represents our brand, describes the Texas Engineering experience or promotes our academic offerings and programs, three themes should be considered and applied:


Projecting a welcoming, warm, accepting, diverse, supportive and collaborative Cockrell School community is integral to both our identity and mission.


Bold, audacious, independent-spirited and unafraid to push boundaries and take risks — these are core qualities that embody our community, from undergraduates to alumni.


We are established, distinguished and storied, yet we are also dynamic, diverse and driven.



The primary language style used by Cockrell School Marketing and Communications is the Associated Press Stylebook. Because much of our writing is intended for external readers and visitors — prospective students, alumni and friends, government and industry audiences, news reporters, etc. — it is important to speak from a commonly understood set of editorial principles and rules.


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